Editor's picks: best NBN plans August 2017

01 August 2017

Did you know that there are over 150 NBN service providers? Seriously, that is a lot of NBN plans to sift through. Not that you have to do any of the leg work when you've got the WhistleOut team to help out.

We are constantly monitoring NBN plans to keep our database up-to-date, so you can be sure that if there's a good deal, we'll know about it.

Best for unlimited data

Far and away the most popular NBN search on WhistleOut is for plans with unlimited data. It's easy to understand why given the number of exciting, data-hogging apps at our fingertips nowadays. Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, the list goes on.

Almost all of the service providers offer an unlimited plan option, so it can be tricky to find the right one. Below is our current favourites.

WhistleOut's Pick

If you're feeling unsure about switching over to the NBN, then this current Amaysim is right up your alley.

For a limited time, all new Amaysim NBN customers get the NBN 12 and the NBN 25 plans at discounted price for the first six months, which will obviously save you some money. With 'Special Pricing' offer and no lock-in contract, is a great way to try the Amaysim service before you commit to it long term.

All Amaysim NBN plans have no setup costs, but require you to have your own NBN-ready modem. If you don't have one, Amaysim can sell this to you for $140.

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Best NBN 12 plan

We often refer to NBN 12 plans as the 'slowest' NBN plans, but in truth, these are not slow plans. In fact, an NBN 12 plan should deliver better speeds than most of us have experienced with ADSL services in the past. With 12Mbps you can happily stream video, listen to music and podcasts, all while browsing the web and chatting with friends.

WhistleOut's Pick

Flip TV is one of the newer internet providers offering the NBN, and this plan is great value. For $49 per month, you get unlimited data. The plan is also no contract, so if you don't like the Flip TV service you can move to a different provider without much fuss.

Moreover, Flip TV could be affordable addition to your home entertainment system, they offer a International TV package from just $9.95.

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Best NBN 25 plan

If you're looking for a step up in speed from an old ADSL connection, but you'd like to keep costs down, then an NBN 25 plan would be a good option to consider. 

The included 25Mbps should offer a noticeable improvement in performance, but you should only need to add about $10 to what you currently pay for a similar ADSL plan.

WhistleOut's Pick

Tangerine, one of the newer NBN service providers, is running a 'Intro Price' promotion for the first three months which will obviously save you $10 per month. You can try for three months for $64.90, if you don't wish to continue at usual price after promotion, can downgrade to basic speed for $59.90/month, which is fair. The choice is yours.

For a limited time, Tangerine also running a Speed Boost UNLIMITED "X-Low" Promotional Plan. With Special Pricing and no lock-in contract, this could be a great deal if you don't wish to commit for long term.

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Best NBN 50 plan

NBN 50 plans are often overlooked, and in fact, a number of providers don't bother selling NBN 50 plans at all. We think this is a shame given what an excellent middle ground NBN 50 is, in terms of download and upload speeds.

WhistleOut's Pick

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Best NBN 100 plan

One of the key promises of the NBN is a faster internet connection than we've had previously with older ADSL technology. In fact, at its fastest, the NBN can reach speeds of 100Mbps, which is fast enough to download an full HD movie from iTunes in about 5 mins. Even a decent ADSl connection would take about an hour to download the same movie.

If you're after these super fast speeds, look no further. Here are our picks for the best NBN 100 plans.

WhistleOut's Pick

It's hard to go past the NBN 100 plans from My Republic, which basically offers a single NBN plan, with unlimited data and the fastest speeds.

This plan is on a 12 month contract, but you can opt for a no contract option for an extra $10 per month. All plans include an NBN-ready WiFi modem.

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