Telstra's prepaid Data Bank: better than rollover data?

05 September 2017

Telstra Prepaid Data Bank

Looking for some extra incentive to move to prepaid, or simply holding out for a better deal than your current prepaid plan? If you love having extra data, but hate paying overages, Data Bank is the prepaid feature you need. 

Data Bank is Telstra's answer to the data rollover feature offered by some competing telcos, including Virgin Mobile. Sign up to a prepaid plan of $30 per recharge or higher, and you can store away up to 50GB of unused data to access later.

How it works

To start saving data, you'll need to be on a Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan. If you've got unused data you'd like to squirrel away, simply recharge $30 or more before your expiry date, and any data remaining on your current recharge will automatically be moved to your Data Bank.

Customers can keep storing extra gigabytes every 28 days, provided you recharge before your expiry date. Your Data Bank will save up to 50GB of unused data, which can be accessed at any time provided you're on an active recharge.

If you do forget to recharge before your 28-day plan expires, good news: you won't lose any saved Data Bank gigabytes. Your extra data will remain linked to your account until you recharge again, and won't disappear unless you change your prepaid plan or cancel your service. 

What you need to know

In order to access your stored Data Bank gigabytes, you'll need to have used up all the available data on your current recharge. However, if you recharge an amount that's less than $30 before expiry, but still have data left over, you can keep using said data until your previous recharge's expiry date - Data Bank doesn't apply here.

If you'd like to add extra gigabytes to your Data Bank, you can buy Telstra's Data Plus Packs; 1GB is available for $10, 2.5GB is priced at $20 extra, and the seven-day expiry period no longer applies. Any bonus gigabytes that have been added to your plan will also go directly to your Bank, but again, you'll need to use up your included prepaid allowance before you can access bonus data.

Data Bank is now available for all new and current customers on Telstra's Pre-Paid Extra plans, all of which include unlimited standard national calls and texts, plus extras credit, free Telstra Air WiFi data, 200GB of Microsoft One Drive storage, and data-free music and sports streaming from Apple Music and NRL, AFL and Netball Live Pass. 

How is this different from rollover credit?

Essentially, Data Bank is pretty similar to the rollover offers available from Optus, Virgin, Aldi Mobile and Woolworths Mobile, and on Telstra's own previous prepaid rollover option. The big difference? Data Bank doesn't require you to use your stored data in the following month, so you can keep your extra gigs as long as you like.

There's no minimum or maximum on how much data you can stash away with Telstra each recharge, but your total Bank is capped at 50GB. Considering that your extra data is stored free of charge - and won't disappear, even if you don't recharge on time - it's an excellent offer for prepaid customers wanting data backup for a rainy day (or month).

And if you're not already on a Pre-Paid Extra plan, there's even more good news: make the switch and activate a new $10 or $30 Sim Starter Kit between now and January 29, 2018, and Telstra will throw in a bonus 5GB to get your Data Bank started.

For more information on Telstra's prepaid plans, start comparing below. And to check out the telco's all-new postpaid mobile and SIM-only plans, head over to our article here

  • $10 Pre-Paid Extra™ SIM Starter Kit
  • 1GB Data
  • Prepaid (7 Days)
  • $10
  • $30 Pre-Paid Extra™
  • 2.5GB Data
  • Prepaid (28 Days)
  • $30
  • $30 Pre-Paid Extra™ SIM Starter Kit
  • 2.5GB Data
  • Prepaid (28 Days)
  • $30
  • $40 Pre-Paid Extra™
  • 5GB Data
  • Prepaid (28 Days)
  • $40


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