Nokia 3310 3G now on sale in Australia

17 October 2017

Nokia 3310 3G

The Nokia 3310 3G throwback feature phone is now on sale locally, retailing for $89.95.

If you're after the handset outright, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman are your two options. JB Hi-Fi's website is showing the 3310 3G as available both online and in store, but Harvey Norman hasn't got it live yet. We wouldn't be surprised to 3310 3G added in the next couple of days.

If you'd prefer to go prepaid, Vodafone is also listing the device as available, but it's not selling it online. Instead, you'll have to hit up a brick and mortar store and hope the 3310 3G is in stock. Maybe call ahead. You'll save $10 by getting the phone through Vodafone prepaid, but it will be locked to Vodafone as a result. Optus will also be ranging the 3310 3G as a prepaid device. 

In terms of specs, the Nokia 3310 3G has a 2.4-inch polarised colour display, 6.5 hours of talk time, a month of standby, 32MB of expandable storage, and a 2MP camera. And most importantly, it still plays Snake.

In markets like Australia, Nokia is pitching the 3310 3G as a phone for older users who don't want a smartphone, as a secondary device for events like music festivals where you don't want to risk breaking your $1,000 handset, or as a phone for when you need a "digital detox". 

As such, the phone itself is pretty bare-boned. It can send texts, make phone calls, play MP3s, and take images that could potentially pass for photos. If you need a phone that does more, you'll need to look elsewhere. 


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