Amaysim: how does it stack up?

09 November 2015

When amaysim landed in Australia back in 2010, it took on the difficult task of educating Australian phone owners about the cost-saving virtues of an MVNO. This wasn’t an easy task in country which had enjoyed highly subsidised handsets paired with two year lock-in contracts for over a decade.

It faced up to the challenge bravely, and now boasts hundreds of thousands of customers who enjoy significantly lower monthly phone bills and excellent customer service. But, along with this success, amaysim now has several dozen competitors all vying for the same customers with similar offers.

So how does amaysim stack up against the competition?

Unlimited potential

To our mind, the back bone of the amaysim offering has always been its generous Unlimited monthly plans. In the beginning, only a few of the higher priced plans included unlimited calls and SMS, but after a recent plan tweak Amaysim now includes unlimited inclusions on all plans.

If you're looking for international calling minutes, Amaysim has you covered for this as well. You will need to choose one of the two pricier options, but you'll get 300 minutes to 32 countries with these plans.

So, how does amaysim stack up?

At each price tier, amaysim is always competitive. Whether you're looking to for a cheap plan, or a high-value plan, amaysim has something for everyone.

It's FLEXI plan is a bit more difficult to compare, but it is a good option for low- to moderate use customers on a budget. It may not look like great value, with other providers including "$500 value" in plans, the difference is in the call rates. Most carriers charge about $2.50 for a standard two-minute phone call, while amaysim only charges $0.18. Therefore, $20 in value equated to about 100 minutes on the phone.


This plan is a pretty standard looking $30 plan. Many providers offering a plan with a similar level of included value. In its favour, the amaysim plan includes free calls to other amaysim numbers and free voicemail access — other providers may charge to hear your voice messages.

Also consider:


This is basically the plan that made amaysim a household name (though it used to be a little cheaper and with a lower data limit). For $39.90 per month, amaysim customers get unlimited calls and messages and a huge 5GB of data per month.

Also consider:

Service matters

What really sets amaysim apart from the pack is its focus on customer service. Its website is one of the best in the business for self-service orders and account management, and it is one of the few telcos who still provide telephone support from a call centre in Sydney, rather than from somewhere overseas.

Amaysim also makes a great first impression in the CBD in Sydney and Melbourne by providing a same-day SIM delivery service.

This service focus on customer service is definitely paying off for amaysim. It was awarded the Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” award in 2014, a similar customer satisfaction award from Roy Morgan in 2013 and 2014, plus it has earned several industry awards from publication Money Magazine.

All in all, it is pretty clear that amaysim is a great company to do business with and its plans are extremely competitive. If you own your phone and you’re looking for a SIM you can rely on, amaysim is highly recommended.


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