Vividwireless offering unlimited mobile broadband for $90

09 October 2017

Vivid Wireless: unlimited mobile broadband for $90/month

Is 200GB of monthly mobile broadband data just not enough? If you're desperate for the safety net of an unlimited data plan, but want to avoid a fixed line, 4G broadband provider Vividwireless is here to save the day. 

Right now, Vividwireless is the only Australian company to offer customers unlimited data on a mobile broadband plan. Running on Optus' 4G Plus network, Vivid's unlimited plan is priced at $90 per month, and is available to eligible homes in selected major cities.

  • 200GB Data Plan
  • 200GB Mobile Broadband
  • $70/mth
  • Min. cost $269
  • Unlimited Data Plan
  • Unlimited Mobile Broadband
  • $90/mth
  • Min. cost $289

The plan includes unlimited data use each month, although Vividwireless' Fair Go policy applies. Customers can sign up on a month-to-month, contract-free basis, but will need to pay $199 upfront for Vivid's compatible wireless modem.

Unlimited data, limited speeds

While you will get unlimited gigabytes on the $90 plan, there are speed restrictions. Vividwireless cites maximum speeds of 12Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads, but this can vary due to network congestion, your location, and other factors.

If you're a light-to-average user, 12Mbps should be fine for your daily downloading and browsing needs. However, customers who want to stream lots of high-resolution media, enjoy online gaming, or who live in a multi-user household will probably require something a little faster. 

On the plus side, Vividwireless' 'plug and play' modem is easy to install, you won't require a technician visit to get connected, and you can cancel your service at any time. But you will need to be in selected coverage areas to sign up, which currently excludes customers outside of metropolitan locations. 

Still interested? Good news: right now, Vividwireless is running a second month free promotion for new customers. Sign up, and you can get your second month of service free of charge - you'll receive a refund for your payment via bill credit. 

Other options

If you're happy with a tiered data rather than unlimited, Vividwireless also offers 200GB per month on the $70 broadband plan. Again, speeds are limited to 12Mbps, but you won't pay overages for exceeding the 200GB allowance; instead, your data is slowed for the remainder of the month, or you can add a 10GB top-up for $10. 

If you'd like to look elsewhere, Optus' mobile broadband service also includes a $70 per month, 200GB plan, but speeds are - again - restricted to 12Mbps for downloads. OVO also sells mobile broadband on Optus' 4G Plus network, with 100GB available for $69.95 over 30 days.

You may prefer to move to a fixed line service if ultra-fast downloads and uploads are a priority, or if you're in an area outside of a reliable Optus 4G Plus connection. If you'd like to review all the broadband options in your area, start your search here