Editor's pick: best Optus NBN plans August 2017

01 August 2017

Optus NBN plans and deals

Ready to get hooked up to the NBN? Optus has you covered.

The telco offers three basic price tiers for its fixed-line NBN options, with both no-contract and 24-month plans available. Here's our quick guide to finding the best value Optus NBN plan, including lowest prices, biggest data, and best speeds.

And if NBN isn't a must-have right now, you can also compare all available Optus broadband plans here

Best basic

NBN plans offered by Optus start at $60 per month, on the aptly named 60 Plan. You can pick between a month-to-month plan or a two-year contract, but if you go contract-free you'll need to pay a $200 set-up fee.

The 60 Plan includes download speeds of up to 12Mbps, and there's no option to add a Speed Boost Pack to your plan - you'll need to upgrade to the 80 Plan for a 25Mbps connection. But for everyday web use, it's a good entry-level option. 

WhistleOut's Pick

Best value

The 80 Plan gives you unlimited data at up to 25Mbps, plus bundled-in extras, for $80 per month (both month-to-month, and on a 24-month contract). 

In addition to your broadband, you'll get an included Advanced AC WiFi modem, plus a Yes TV by Fetch Mighty set top box, a premium channel pack and an Optus Sports subscription. 

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Best big data

Want unrestricted data? Good news: all of Optus' NBN plans are unlimited, so tiers are ranked by speeds, not gigabytes. 

As mentioned above, Optus' NBN plans start at $60 per month for a standard 12Mbps download speed. If you're the lone internet user in your residence, or not big on streams and downloads, this should be all you need.

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Best high speed 

If maximum speeds are your priority, you can add a Speed Boost Max Pack to your plan for downloads of up to 100Mbps, and uploads to 40Mbps. 

Add it to your 80 Plan either on contract or month-to-month, and you'll pay $100 monthly for unlimited data, plus Yes TV by Fetch with a set top box, premium channel pack and Optus sports subscription. 

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