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LTE Capable / Android / 12MP with dual-pixel technology / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

LTE Capable / Android / 12 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

LTE Capable / Android / 16 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

LTE Capable / Android / 16 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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Optus Optus Business Southern Phone Telstra

LTE Capable / Android / 16 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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LTE Capable / Android / 13 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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Southern Phone Woolworths

LTE Capable / Android / 5 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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Optus Southern Phone Telstra

LTE Capable / Android / 5 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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Southern Phone Telstra

LTE Capable / Android / 8 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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LTE Capable / Android / 8 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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Southern Phone

LTE Capable / Android / 5 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

More About Samsung

About Samsung

Samsung was founded in 1938 and has risen to become the world’s largest electronics company, and now the largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The company headquarters are located in Seoul and worldwide Samsung employ 200,000 plus workers. Samsung account for around one fifth of South Korea’s total exports, and it has grown to have a significant influence on not only the country’s economic development but also its media, culture and politics – an impressive achievement for what was originally a small trading company specialising in groceries.

Samsung Smartphones

Today the flagship mobile line is the Android-operated Samsung Galaxy, which has become the direct competitor of the Apple iPhone. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has culminated in legal disputes; Samsung has been sued by Apple over the design of the Galaxy smartphone, and Samsung have responded by not only contesting the allegations but filing their own counterclaims for patent infringement. Regardless of controversy, the Galaxy has given Samsung the edge over competitors such as Nokia and Sony, with the company currently enjoying 25% of world market share. In the US alone, the Galaxy sold over one million units in the first 45 days of sale; in the first quarter of 2012 Samsung had sold over 45 million smartphones worldwide.

Although Samsung has adopted Google Android as its primary operating system for smartphones, it also supports competitors such as Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone, LiMo and its own Bada. Several of their phones (the I9000 Galaxy S and S8500 Wave) have been awarded for their superior quality screens and excellent connectivity, as well as for their social networking capabilities.

What People Say About Samsung Mobile Phones

If you’re thinking of choosing Samsung for your next mobile phone purchase, here are some quotes and reviews from around the web about Samsung’s smartphone range.

"The Galaxy S3 offers the slickest Android experience we’ve had to date, and brings iPhone-like levels of smoothness to the Google camp at long last." - Paddy Smith, PC Authority.

“Raises the bar once again in terms of what consumers should be expecting in terms of battery life, processor speed and media management…One of the most advanced smartphones in the world ever.” - Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

Samsung Tablets

Samsung launched their Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010. It supports the Android operating system and features a 7 inch TFT - LCD touchscreen, Swype input, and standard tablet features: Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth, GPS, a rear and front facing camera with auto focus and support for email, calendar and instant messaging applications. The importance of product design and aesthetic value is emphasised and Samsung have won over 200 design awards from prestigious institutions for their products. Currently the company overhaul product design on a two year cycle; the first twelve months used to scrutinise trends in design, the second to map out new plans for future products. As with the Galaxy/iPhone rivalry, Apple has taken legal action over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, citing intellectual property infringement due to the product’s similarities to the iPad 2.

Considering trying a Samsung tablet? Here are some mixed comments about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from around the web:

“Sleek, sexy and light, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets as close to the iPad 2 as any Android tablet before it.” CNET

“This is a reasonably well-designed tablet, but it offers little to get excited about and provides no compelling reason to choose it over alternatives.” Ross Catanzariti, PC World

“The Tab 10.1 is a device worth considering for existing Android smartphone users as well as the general population. It just needs more applications, and that’s something Google has to work on.” Michael Oryl, TechSpot

Samsung Company Values & Vision

Samsung’s philosophy is reflected in its motto,

‘Inspire the World, Create the Future’

where the company states its core vision is to contribute to a better global society through creating superior products and services. The company ethos is outlined in its five key business principles, which champion social responsibility, clean organisational culture, respect for employees, customers and stakeholders, compliance with legal and ethical standards and a focus on environmental and safety concerns. Sustainability has been promoted heavily and Samsung has been listed favourably in publications such as Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Customer Service and Product Support

Samsung offer product support in the form of live chat Monday to Saturday, email and a customer support hotline available during standard working hours. They have also established ‘customer service plazas’ in most major cities with showrooms, repair offices and warranty claim and tracking offices.

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