14GB for less than $5: Kogan's nifty promo for new customers

20 April 2017

Looking to switch telco? Kogan Mobile has a new promo to tempt turncoats to its Vodafone powered-service, offering new customers their first 14GB recharge for just $4.90. The recharge also includes unlimited talk and text, and lasts 30 days. This offer expires at the end of May.

After the first recharge, Kogan's 14GB plan will set you back $49.90. Alternatively, you can get the plan for three months for $139.90, or for a full year for $529.90. That works out to roughly $46.65 per month and $44.15 per month, respectively.

While 14GB for $4.90 sounds pretty great, Kogan's actually gone as low as offering new customers their first 14GB recharge for $1. This did however involve jumping through a couple of hoops where you had to buy a voucher from Kogan's online store, whereas you can sign up for $4.90 promo directly though Kogan Mobile.

Kogan's regular plans are below:

Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile
  • SMALL 30 Days Plan
  • 2GB Data
  • Prepaid (30 Days)
  • $16.90
Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile
  • MEDIUM 30 Days Plan
  • 6GB Data
  • Prepaid (30 Days)
  • $29.90
Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile
  • LARGE 30 Days Plan
  • 16GB Data
  • Prepaid (30 Days)
  • $36.90
Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile
  • EXTRA LARGE 30 Days Plan
  • 23GB Data
  • Prepaid (30 Days)
  • $49.90


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