iPhone 5s and 5c Australian pricing

18 September 2013

Now that we know what we can expect from Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models, the big question that remains is how much will they cost?

The Australian telcos are notorious for playing a 'cat and mouse' game with one another in the lead-up to iPhone launch days, so we'll be updating this page with the most up-to-date pricing as it comes to hand.

Telstra pricing

Telstra is first cab off the rank in 2013, announcing its pricing with a week to spare. There is some surprises here, namely how similar in price the two models are (when comparing the same storage sizes) and also that there are some models with that Telstra does not subsidise fully, even on the most expensive plans.

Telstra split their plans into Small, Medium, Large and X-Large buckets, each with increasing levels of inclusions. Check out Telstra's page for full details on what is included in each tier.

These prices are the combined cost of the plan and handset repayments per month, over a 24-month contract.

S ($60) M ($80) L ($100) XL ($130)
iPhone 5s 16GB $78 $88 $104 $134
32GB $82 $92 $109 $139
64GB $90 $101 $115 $145
iPhone 5c 16GB $71 $82 $100 $130
32GB $78 $88 $104 $134

Vodafone pricing

It's announcement was not far behind Telstra chronologically, yet Vodafone's pricing is light-years better. The telco has paired the iPhones with its new 'Red plans' and it comes out much cheaper, with higher included value.

Both of the 'Red plans' include unlimited talk and text, with 1.5GB on the $65 plan and 2.5GB on the $80 option. The $100 Red plan returns a whopping 5GB of data each month.

As above, these are combined plan and handset prices, on 24-month plans.

Red $65 Red $80 Red $100
iPhone 5s 16GB $72 $80 $100
32GB $77 $86 $100
64GB $83 $92 $104
iPhone 5c 16GB $67 $80 $100
32GB $72 $80 $100

Vodafone will also offer 12-month plan options. You will pay more for the handset each month, but be contract-free by the time the next iPhone is released.

Red $65 Red $80 Red $100
iPhone 5s 16GB $105 $114 $126
32GB $116 $125 $137
64GB $127 $136 $148
iPhone 5c 16GB $95 $104 $116
32GB $105 $114 $126

Optus Pricing

They say, better late than never. Optus has released its iPhone pricing with just days to spare, and it looks to be the middle ground better the expensive plans from Telstra and the much cheaper plans from Vodafone.

The inclusion in each of the Optus plans steps up neatly from tier to tier, with data increasing from 500MB, to 1GB, 2GB and 3GB and you go up each step in monthly plan costs. Full Optus plan details here.

$50 Plan $60 Plan $80 Plan $100 Plan
iPhone 5s 16GB $69 $74 $89 $100
32GB $74 $79 $89 $106
64GB $80 $86 $98 $112
iPhone 5c 16GB $63 $69 $80 $100
32GB $69 $74 $89 $100

Apple outright pricing

If you want to dodge a long-term carrier contract, Apple will be selling the new iPhone models outright and unlocked, so you can easily pick one up and then add the high-value SIM-only plan of your choice.

iPhone 5s 16GB: $869 iPhone 5c 16GB: $739
iPhone 5s 32GB: $999 iPhone 5c 32GB: $869
iPhone 5s 64GB: $1129



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