Google Assistant now available to Aussie iPhone owners

05 September 2017

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Google Assistant on iPhone, mass hysteria! It might sound as far-fetched as fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, but Google has brought its virtual assistant to iOS and you can download it from the Australian App Store right now.

For those not familiar with Google Assistant, it's essentially Google's version of Siri. Of course, given how locked down iOS is, you’ll need to manually open the Google Assistant app every time you plan to use it.

What can Google Assistant do?

However, Google Assistant offers a few differences that might tempt iOwners away from Siri. You're able to avoid the awkward 'talking to my phone in public' searching by typing questions directly onto the screen, alongside interacting with Assistant vocally. The program can also handle plenty of non-Apple ecosystem tasks such as streaming to most music apps, or playing movies on your Chromecast.

Google Assistant can be used to send emails, set reminders and events, conduct Google searches, help plot routes via Google Maps, find nearby restaurants and businesses, check news and stock prices, translate languages, and much more. Once you’ve installed the app and signed in to your Google account, simply tap the centre button or keyboard to get started.

If you happen to own a Google Home, the same Assistant will live across both devices. For example, if you ask Google Home to add something to your shopping list, Google Assistant on iOS will know exactly what items you're after.


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