Apple TV gets Foxtel Now support with AirPlay

08 December 2017

Apple TV

Foxtel Now subscribers are now able to watch all their favourite shows, movies, and sports on Apple TV. Kind of. Rather than launch a dedicated Foxtel Now app on Apple TV, Foxtel has integrated AirPlay streaming into its iPhone and iPad offerings.

AirPlay is a protocol that allows you to beam content you're watching on an iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV set-top box. While the end result is that Foxtel Now ends up on your TV, it does mean you have to use a companion device to pick what you want to stream, and that Android device owners who happen to own an Apple TV are left out for now.

While there's no dedicated Foxtel Now app for Apple TV, a Foxtel spokesperson told us that the company is looking at "ways to broaden Foxtel Now's reach".

If you want a set-top box with a dedicated Foxtel Now app, your only choices are the Foxtel Now Box and the Telstra TV 2 for the time being. In terms of game consoles, Foxtel Now is available on PlayStation 4.

Foxtel's also taken the opportunity to make a couple of other tweaks to Foxtel Now. If you're streaming on an iPad or iPhone, you'll now be able to stream in high definition (HD is not available on Android yet). If you're streaming on iPhone, iPad, or in a web browser, you'll now get access to Closed Captions for select programming.