Aldi Mobile Plans Review

06 March 2017

Aldi Mobile Mobile Plans Review

Talk about your silent achievers. Aldi makes very little noise about Aldi Mobile -- there are barely advertisements for it in Aldi supermarkets -- and yet Aldi Mobile succeeds at being one of best value mobile phone plan providers in market.

The biggest drawcard for many will be access to the Telstra network for a fraction of the price. If you take a standard Telstra phone plan and divide it by two, you'll be close to what Aldi Mobile is charging.

As a prepaid-only provider, there will be plenty of people that Aldi won't cater for. If you're looking for a new iPhone, you'll need to look elsewhere. Automatic monthly recharging does make an Aldi plan feel a lot like a monthly SIM Only plan and less like a prepaid plan, though.

On top of it all, Aldi Mobile is one of only a handful of providers to offer Data Rollover on plans. It is only a small selection of its plans -- the Large, XL and XXL Value Packs -- but it is a great feature and something we wish was more prevalent in market.

Aldi Mobile Breakdown

  • Great value for money
  • Data Roll Over
  • Auto recharge option is convenient
  • International calling minutes on Large, XL and XXL plans
  • 365 day expiry on PAYG credit
  • Limited support and feedback options
  • Seriously, there isn't even a Facebook page.
  • Usage apps are OK, but there is room for improvement.
Value for Money
Coverage & Speed

We've put together a checklist of features and options available on Aldi Mobile plans. Below is a snapshot of what is available but you'll find the full breakdown at the bottom of this page.

How we rate Aldi Mobile
Plan Features Decent extras
Customer Service Limited options
Coverage 98.8% coverage
Phone Range Prepaid SIMs only

How Aldi Mobile compares on pricing

Compared with the cheapest SIM Only providers in market, Aldi Mobile stands up well. Looking at its Value Packs, the Small, Medium and Large options are OK, but there are better plans available. The XL and XXL Plans are the sweet spot, with unlimited calls and SMS, generous data and international calling minutes included.

Plus, the Large, XL and XXL Plans include Data Rollover, which none of the other low-cost providers offer. This can help you take full advantage of the data in your plan, and may mean you can choose a lower plan level, depending on how you use your phone.

But it's award-winning plan is the PAYG option with 365 day expiry. For anyone who doesn't use their phone often, and only needs calls and messages, this is an outstanding deal. Only Amaysim offers comparable value, so you get to choose between Telstra coverage with Aldi, or Optus coverage with Amaysim.

Aldi Mobile SIM Only Plan Comparison
Carrier Plan inclusions Pricing
Optus Unlimited Calls, 6GB Data $50/mo
Virgin Mobile Unlimited Calls, 4GB Data $50/mo
Aldi Mobile Unlimited Calls, 6GB Data $35/recharge
Telstra $1000 Call Credit, 5GB Data $50/mo
How Much Should You Expect To Pay?
Prepaid From $15 Compare

What to know about Aldi Mobile coverage

Aldi Mobile coverage map
Aldi Mobile Coverage Map

Telstra's mobile network is widely regarded as the nation's best and most reliable, so customers on an Aldi Mobile plan should experience solid network performance. Of course, this is only true if you ordinarily get a strong Telstra signal, so your milage may vary.

You may notice that Aldi Mobile claims to offer 'parts of the Telstra network'. This worries some people who assume this means Aldi coverage is lacking, but this isn't necessarily the case. Aldi customers have mostly the same coverage footprint as Tesltra customers, and can use their phones in most of the same places. There are some exceptions in remote parts of the country, so it is always wise to check the coverage maps and make sure that your home is covered.

Aldi also shares the Telstra 4G network, but no the fastest parts of it. Telstra 4G network has received several iterative upgrades over the years, with each improving the network and making it faster. Partners, like Aldi Mobile, access the core 4G network, but don't share the faster parts of the network, which Telstra refers to as 4GX. 

Not that many Aldi customers will notice the difference. The core 4G network can reach speeds of up to 100Mbps, or as fast as the fastest NBN home connection. In real world use, you might expect speeds of between 20Mbps and 30Mbps, which is fast enough for anything you'd want to do with your phone today.

What to keep in mind when comparing Aldi Mobile

  • No go roam - while you can take an Aldi SIM card overseas, you really should consider alternatives. There are no special roaming rates in certain countries available, so whereever you go you should expect to pay through the nose.
  • Data Rollover - if you use a far bit of data on your phone and need 5GB per month or more, then Data Rollover should pique your interest. All unused data each month is rolled over and used first in the next month.
  • 365 day expiry - All credit bought on a PAYG plan will last for a full year before expiring. This is great news for anyone who doesn't use their phone often, or for anyone who keeps an emergency phone and needs to make sure it is ready to go in case of, well, an emergency.
WhistleOut Staff Review
Nick R.
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Aldi Mobile $35 XL Combo with 6GB data.
“A really great value plan on a great network.”

Why did you choose it?

I choose Aldi because I was happy to keep my current phone, I was looking for a good value plan and my preference was to use the Telstra Network. I chose the $35 XL plan with unlimited Calls/SMS and 6GB of data. The fact that even though this is a prepaid plan I have auto top up switched on so I don’t have to go in and re-charge each month.

What has it been like?

The registration and setup process was pretty simple. I ordered the SIM online and it did take 10 working days to arrive, which was in line with what Aldi quoted, but if you need it quickly I would suggest buying one in an Aldi Store.

It is pretty easy to manage the service using the online portal and the mobile app. One criticism of the app is that it is hard to track your current data usage but given the generous data allowance it is not something that I need to check and I have never gone over the allocation. The coverage and speed has been great both in the city and travelling in country areas thanks to the Telstra network.

What do you love about it?

I love that Aldi help you right size your plan each time you recharge, they suggest that you either increase or decrease based on your past usage. Since I signed up Aldi have added international calls and data rollover which I get the immediate benefit being on a no contract plan.

What would you change?

The only thing that I got caught out on is that when I went on holidays international roaming is super expensive. One criticism of the mobile app is that it is hard to track your current data usage, but, given the generous data allowance it is not something that I need to check and I have never gone over the allocation.

Who would you recommend this to?

Anyone that is happy to either buy their own phone or keep their current one and is looking for a really good value plan with great network coverage.

Want to contact Aldi Mobile?
Twitter @ALDIMobileAU
Facebook N/A
Sales or Service
1300 989 000
Contact Page
Apps iPhone, Android

Beyond the facts and figures, you probably have questions about Aldi Mobile. Below is some of the questions we're asked most, but if you'd like to know something else, get in touch.

Questions we're asked about Aldi Mobile
Aldi Mobile's service is offered on the Telstra 4G network, so wherever you can get a Telstra signal, you should be able to use an Aldi Mobile SIM card.
Telstra resells a major portion of its network, but saves the fastest parts of the network for its own customers. It refers to this as 4GX. Aldi Mobile customers get access to the core Telstra 4G network, with speeds up to 100Mbps (but around 20Mbps in real world use.)
No, Aldi Mobile is a SIM Only prepaid service provider. Aldi supermarkets do sell phone handsets from time to time, but these are not available through the Aldi Mobile website.
Yes. You can always keep you number when moving to a new provider. No exceptions.
Aldi Mobile doesn't automatically top-up data when you reach your limits, but you do have the option to manually add extra by logging into your account.
Aldi Mobile SIM cards come in Mini SIM, micro SIM, and nano SIM. These options will fit into all phones from the last decade, or so.
No, Telstra shut down its 2G network in December of 2016. Aldi Mobile customers lost access to the network at the same time.
Because Aldi Mobile is a prepaid service provider, you can leave any time, no questions asked. Simply choose a new service provider and port your number. This will cancel your Aldi service.
Aldi Mobile customers on the Large, XL and XXL plan options have included international minutes that can be used for calls to a number of countries. Otherwise, Pay As You Go rates apply. Full details on the Aldi Mobile website.
Aldi Mobile roaming rates are pretty expensive. Calls cost between $1.00 and $2.00 per minute for both the calls you make and the calls you receive. SMS cost $0.50 each and data is $0.50 per MB in most international destinations. In short, you'd be wise not to use an Aldi SIM card overseas.
How we rate Aldi Mobile

We've created a checklist of features to help benchmark what each provider offers its customers and you can can expect.

Auto data top-ups Manual options only
Included international calls
Plans with unlimited international calls
Included international SMS
International roaming option available
Included international roaming
Bundled content subscriptions
Data-free media streaming
Roll-over data/credit
Unlimited on-net calls
4G network access
Automatic prepaid recharge
Rewards program
Long expiry prepaid - 6 months
Long expiry prepaid - 12 months
Discount for upfront purchase
No flagfall on prepaid plans
On PAYG plans
Student/Pensioner discounts
Data sharing
This checklist is created by the telco experts in the WhistleOut team and includes plan features available in market
Customer Forum or Blog
Twitter account
Manned Twitter account
Facebook account
Manned Facebook account
Brick & Mortar Stores for support
24 hours phone support
Usage monitoring apps
iOS and Android
% of Australian population covered 98.8%
4G network access
Number of phones N/A
Phone Brands N/A
iPhones available
Prepaid and Postpaid phones
Feature phones available


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