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What we expect to see

In general, we expect a lot from the iPhone this year. The iPhone 7, while well received, wasn't an exciting release, and we expect much more from Apple given the extra year it has had to come up with something awesome. 

Internet rumours are predicting a much larger screen packed into a phone that is the same size as the current iPhone, with either an on-screen fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, or both. 

It is bound to include an upgraded Apple processor — like every new iPhone before it — and all iPhone models are expected to have dual-cameras this year, and not just the larger Plus size model.

iPhone 8
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Rumoured specifications

  • 5.8 inch OLED display
  • Full edge-to-edge display
  • Improved Apple A11 processor
  • Wireless charging
  • Dual camera sensors
  • On-screen fingerprint scanner
  • Facial recognition a possibility

How much will it cost?

Along with the significantly improved design, many analysts anticipate that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone to date, with some cost estimates as high as $1500.

Based on smartphone pricing trends that we've observed over the past few years, we imagine that telco contract pricing for the new iPhone will look something like this:

Telco Plan cost Handset Repayment Included Data Total Monthly Cost
Telstra $75 $39 3GB $114
Telstra $95 $28 8GB $113
Optus $65 $36 3.5GB $101
Optus $85 $23 7GB $108
Vodafone $70 $34 6GB $104
Vodafone $80 $30 8GB $110
Virgin Mobile $70 $31 9GB $105
Virgin Mobile $80 $20 11GB $115

*Prices are estimates only, actual plan prices will not be known until the release of the iPhone 8.

Will there be cheaper models?

We certainly hope so. After all, $1500 is a lot of money for a smartphone in anyone's books.

Rumour has it that Apple intends to launch three new iPhones this year. The model we've described above might have a name other than iPhone 8. Some of the speculation points to it being called iPhone: Edition.

Alongside this premium model, Apple might release two slightly cheaper models, which may end up looking a lot like the iPhone 7. To save on costs, these phones wouldn't have the full edge-to-edge OLED display play, but regular LCD screens like the iPhone 7 has.

If this turns out to be correct, we'd anticipate that the price of these models will be about the same as the iPhone 7 is today, or even a little cheaper. It really depends on the outright price that Apple sets. Contract pricing will reflect this outright price, because even though the telcos discount the cost of the phone, there is a limit to how big this discount can be.

Will iPhone 8 be waterproof?

This hasn't been confirmed, but we believe the answer will be yes. In the short history of the iPhone, Apple has rarely introduced a feature in one model and then removed it in the next.

The real question is, will Apple do something more impressive with waterproofing this year? When Apple unveiled the latest Apple Watch last year it used a cool new system to keep water out, utilising the spakers to create a vibration that blows water out of the gaps. Will we see a similar thing with iPhone 8? It's not impossible

Will iPhone 8 have a standard headphone jack or wireless headphones?

Similar to waterproofing, it would be very unusual for Apple to reverse its move away from standard headphone sockets, despite the backlash it received. Apple believes it took "courage" take make that change, so it won't want to change the hashtag to #cowardice just a year later.

Plus, no headphone socket gives Apple the perfect opportunity to see you a new pair of headphones through its audio brand Beats.

What colour options will there be for iPhone 8?

Pre-release leaks have so far shown both black and white handsets, but we'd be very surprised if there isn't also Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold options. Especially Rose Gold, people love those pink iPhones.

Give the hype around the iPhone 8, it might be a good time for Apple to introduce a new colour which would be unique to the next phone. Apple owners love to show off the fact that they have bought the latest model, and the best way to do this would be with a colour no one has seen before.

How can I preorder the iPhone 8?

Based on previous years, stock is bound to be scarce in the weeks after the iPhone 8 launch, so pre-ordering your new phone is a great idea.

Ordinarily, there is a two week gap between Apple announcing a new iPhone, and the handsets going on sale. Pre-orders tend to open a week after the official announcement. This year we expect this to be in late September or early October.

Can't wait until September?

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