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LTE Capable / Android / 12 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

LTE Capable / Android / 12 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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LTE Capable / Android / 16 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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LTE Capable / Android / 16 megapixels / Touchscreen / Wi-Fi

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More About HTC

HTC Corporation

HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. Founded in 1997, the company initially produced notebook computers but later began designing some of the world’s first touch and wireless handheld devices. Initially manufacturing products and components for other companies, HTC launched its own branded products in 2006 and, although a smaller company than its major competitors, it has become one of the most recognisable smartphone brands on the market. The company has partnerships with Microsoft and Google to build phones exclusively running either the Android or Windows Phone platforms. Like Samsung and Nokia, HTC has also come under legal attack from Apple over patent infringement issues concerning the Apple iPhone.


HTC can count many firsts among its achievements; it produced the first mobile to use the Android operating system (the HTC Dream in 2008), the first Microsoft-powered smartphone, the first Microsoft 3G phone and the first 4G phone. Initially HTC’s smartphones used Windows Mobile, but it has since shifted its focus first to Android and then in 2010 to Windows Phone. HTC is probably best known in Australia for its line of Android-operated phones, most of which feature the HTC Sense user interface. HTC describes Sense as keeping in line with their ambition to prioritise the user experience and create products that customisable and cater to the individuality of their customers. The Sense software focuses on productivity and personalisation, incorporating Beats audio technology for enhanced sound and making it a huge selling point for the company.

Here’s what online reviewers are saying about HTC’s Android smartphones:

“The HTC One X is well designed, it's the fastest phone around, it has great software, has got the best all-round screen, sports a superb camera set-up and has some potentially-nifty features like Beats Audio and Near Field Communication. You're paying a premium but what you get is the best all-round phone on the market... at least until the next one appears.” Nick Ross, ABC

“Finally, Australia has a top-end smartphone to go with Telstra’s world-beating 4G network.” Renai LeMay, Delimiter

“We recommend the HTC One XL to everyone looking for a sexy, classy looking phone that has performance to boot.” Buzz Moody, Ausdroid

Company Values and Vision

HTC states that it is dedicated to enabling a customised user experience, based on its belief that a mobile device needs to fit its owner and not the other way around. The company’s philosophy is to observe how individuals interact and react to technology and honour this in their product design. HTC promote a green supply chain for their products and state that they are committed to producing energy-efficient and recyclable designs. Through the HTC Foundation, the company work with schools and communities to assist with education and community-building programs.

Customer Service and Product Support

Like most of the major phone manufacturers, HTC has extensive online troubleshooting and provide email and live chat assistance to customers, in addition to their telephone call centre. As there are no HTC Services Centres outside Asia, Australian customers should contact their phone dealer for authorised repairs.

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