The best big data phone plans from the telcos you've never heard of

08 March 2017

If you're after a new BYO plan for your smartphone, you might have more options than you think you do. Sure, you can go with one of the big names - Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, or Amaysim - and you'll probably get a good plan for a reasonable price. But if you're happy to try out someone new, signing up with one of Australia's smaller players can result in some staggering deals. 

Here's a look at what your money can get you:

We know what you're thinking: Is this too good to be true? What's an OVO? Who's Jeenee? Yo mo jo? Here's the down low on some of Australia's smaller telcos.

Who is OVO?

OVO is one of Australia's newest telcos. While the company likes to talk about its good value no-contract plans and Australian support team, OVO's main point of difference is the OVOPlay app available to subscribers. OVOPlay provides unmetered access to sporting content including Supercars, Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia and Gymnastics Australia.

OVO is powered by the Optus Network.

Who is Jeenee Mobile?

Jeenee is an Australian non-for-profit that just helps to be a telco. In addition to selling its own no-contract plans, it uses its revenue to donate services to those living with disabilities.

In addition to helping out others, Jeenee is different thanks to its massive plans with bonkers data inclusion. The catch is these 'Mammoth' plans are 3G only. Based on testing undertaken in 2014, Optus says its 4G network is between two and four times faster than its 3G network. For example, downloading a 10MB song might take 5 seconds on 4G, but 18 on 3G.

Optus' average 3G download speed is 3.8Mbps. This is fast enough to comfortable stream standard definition content through Netflix, but falls short of the 5Mbps recommended for high definition video.

Jeenee is powered by the Optus Network.

Who is Yomojo?

Yomojo was one of the first Australian telcos to offer build your own plan solutions, an approach that has since been adopted by the likes of Vodafone. Yomojo is also quite competitive when it comes to pricing, even when not looking at big data packs. The 6GB for $29.90 per month is a highlight, though.

Yomojo is powered by the Optus Network.

Who is SpinTel?

SpinTel has actually been around since 1996, and has a really cute koala for a mascot. While it is better known for its award winning broadband plans, SpinTel also offers bang-for-buck in the mobile space. Like Jeenee, Spintel has a few big data plans where you'll get as much as 90GB for $79.95 per month, but you're limited to 3G connectivity. You also have to pay a $10 setup fee, however.

SpinTel is powered by the Optus Network.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

The vast majority of BYO plans are sold as month-to-month or prepaid, meaning you don't have to lock yourself into a year-long commitment. If you swap to one of Australia's smaller telcos and you're not happy with the service you're getting, there's nothing to stop you leaving as soon as your month is over.

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