Best Phones on Telstra Plans

03 December 2015

Telstra's a great option if you want reliable, wide-spread coverage with a range of devices. The problem now is, which one do you choose? We've compiled a list of our favourite handsets available right now on Telstra plans.

Google Nexus 5X

  • Latest Android Marshmallow OS
  • Great fingerprint scanner
  • 5.2-inch 1080p resolution display
  • New USB-C reversible charging port
  • Cheap to buy outright than many similar phones

If you're looking for the best example of Google's Android in action, the Nexus 5X should be on the top of your list (as it is ours). Running the latest Google Android operating system, known as Marshmallow, the 5X has a clean, simple user experience with powerful features just below the surface.

It has a fingerprint scanner located on the back of the phone, which we found extremely easy to locate quickly and that performs really well. It has has a new USB-C charging port which, among other benefits, allows you to plug in the charging cable in either direction. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to figure which way is up and which way is down.

And, of course, Google's numerous online services are at your fingertips, with apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs and the awesome Google Photos (seriously, it is much better than most photo galleries). Plus, as a Google phone, you will be privy to the latest Android updates before anyone else.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

iPhone 6

  • One of this year's best cameras
  • New 3D Touch feature is much more useful than it looks
  • User experience is easy to learn
  • Design focuses on looks over ergonomics
  • Expensive when compared to similarly-sized smartphones

While the new iPhone 6s may not look different to last year's iPhone 6, it would be a mistake to assume nothing much has changed. Under the hood, the new 6s and 6s Plus feature the powerful new Apple A9 chipset and Apple's unique M9 motion sensor.

Apple is famous for amazing cameras in previous iPhones, but the new 12-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6s blows them all away. This is as close to a true camera experience as you are likely to find in a phone.

As the name suggests, the 6s Plus sports a plus-size 5.5 inch screen. Unlike its smaller sibling, its has a higer screen resolution. This means a clearer image over a wider area, making it the perfect companion for lovers of movies and TV during the morning commute.

Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Samsung's new user experience is a huge improvement
  • Outstanding camera
  • Great new glass design
  • GS6 Edge curved display adds little
  • Expensive, especially the S6 Edge

Samsung released, not one but two flagship phones this year: the S6 and S6 Edge. Aside from the fact that the S6 Edge has a curved-edge screen and the S6 does not, the two phones are all but identical in all other respects.

Samsung has opted for a glass front and rear panel with sleek-looking metal trim this time around. The end result is something between a familiar Samsung design and something new altogether. It's worth pointing out that the despite costing more, the Galaxy S6 Edge doesn't deliver any real enhancement over the base model. Our advice: go for the standard Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 is both fast and powerful, but the stand-out feature is the camera. The S6 phones may just have what it takes to topple Apple's throne and claim King of Cameras for themselves. At the very least, there seems little enough difference in the matter when you're behind the lens.



  • Awesome Quad HD screen
  • 16 MP camera with laser auto-focus
  • Huge battery
  • 8 core processor and 3GB RAM
  • Has an optional leather backplate

LG is too often overlooked cast in the shadow of its home town competition in Samsung. This is a real shame, especially when the LG G4 being such an impressive handset. The G4 is comparable to the Galaxy S6 in so many ways: it's super sharp Quad HD screen, its octo-core processor and its high-quality photographic capabilities.

But it is the leather back-plate that is most eye-catching. This is just one of several different colour options -- you can choose a plain black phone if you prefer -- but the leather is such a unique touch it is bound to start the conversation with friends and family. And, it feels nicer than the standard plastic, glass or metal phone shells.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Big, bold, beautiful screen
  • S-Pen Stylus is extremely useful
  • One of Samsung's best smartphone cameras
  • Touchwiz software is a little bulky
  • Among the more expensive handsets

The Note 5 is your go-to phone if you want a big-screen Android smartphone. It rocks a huge 5.7 inch screen with quad-HD resolution of 2560 x 1440. Compare that to the similarly-sized 5.5 inch 1080p iPhone 6s Plus and you get 28% more pixels per inch (ppi) on the Samsung. Impressively, it comes in a slightly smaller package than Apple's monster handset.

Korea's favourite phone maker has ditched its plastic phone frames and opted for a gorgeous mix of glass and stainless steel. Subsequently, the Note 5 is not only beautiful to look at; it feels like a premium phone the moment you pick it up.

Of course, the real reason to love the Note 5 is because of Samsung's new and improved S-Pen digital stylus. Each year the S-Pen becomes more accurate, and 2015 is no exception. Plus it's great that Samsung includes this accessory as standard, where so many other phone makers ask you to pay extra.



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