C Blue $59.90 Plan

Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
$59.90 per month
Excess data $12 per 1GB
Calls & SMS
Unlimited National Calls
standard national calls, 13/1300/1800 calls, Voicemail deposit & retrieval

Unlimited Messages
standard national SMS & MMS
Contract Type
No Contract
Min. total cost $59.90 for first month
Direct purchasing link not supplied

Plan Details

Service Description

CMobile 4G Blue Plans use parts of Telstra's 4G mobile network providing a combined 4G and 3G coverage of 98.8% of the Australian population.

You can request a new number, or you can transfer an existing Australian Mobile number. You will need to provide your own mobile handset to be able to access the service, it must be compatible with the 3G 850 MHz and both 4G 1800 MHz and 4G 700 MHz network.

Plan Exclusions

This plan is for personal use only, and may not be used for non-personal or commercial purposes, for resale or as a permanent connection. This plan is only for use within Australia, your inclusions cannot be used overseas. The following calls are not available on this service: international roaming, some SENSIS numbers (1234, 12455, and 12456) and satellite numbers. Calls and SMS to international numbers and premium numbers is not available.

Features & Benefits

Changing Your Plan

You can request to change to a plan of higher or lower value, the change will take place on the first day of the following month.

Usage information

CMobile provide you with tools to be able to check your call and data usage. You can check your usage online via online portal. You’ll receive automated SMS notifications when you have used 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance. These SMS notifications can be up to 48 hours behind real time usage.

Auto Data Bolt-ons

You have selected a plan with ‘Auto Data’, this means that CMobile will add a 1GB data bolt-on to your plan automatically each time your data is fully depleted, this will be added up to 5 times per plan cycle. Each 1GB data bolt-on costs $12. The maximum charge you can incur for automatic data bolt-ons is $60 per plan cycle. After the 5th automatic data bolt-on has been depleted, data will be blocked and you can choose to purchase ad-hoc 1GB data bolt-ons if you wish.

Key Points


  • Australian owned and operated company

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly
Plan CMOBILE C Blue $59.90 Plan - $59.90
Minutes Unlimited National Calls (standard national calls, 13/1300/1800 calls, Voicemail deposit & retrieval ) - -
Data 15GB Data - -
Messages Unlimited (standard national SMS & MMS) - -
Total - $59.90
  Min. total cost $59.90 for first month


Rates Cost
Flagfall $0.00 per call
Additional minutes $0.00 per minute
Text messages $0.00 each
Picture messages $0.00 each
Excess data Excess data $12 per 1GB