Boost Mobile

$10 UNLTD+ Prepaid Plan

Boost Mobile
Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
$10 per 7 days
Calls & SMS
Unlimited National Calls
To standard national numbers + MessageBank® retrieval & 1300/1800 numbers

Unlimited Messages
Standard national SMS & MMS
7 Days
Auto-recharge option available
Per 7 Day Recharge

Plan Details

Boost $10 UNLTD+ Prepaid SIM includes:

  • Unlimited calls to standard national voice calls, MessageBank retrieval & 13/1800 numbers
  • Unlimited messages including standard national text & MMS
  • 1GB of Data (charged per KB)
  • Within Australia all allowances for use within Australia with a 28 day expiry


Boost offers 3G and 4G services, with typical download speeds of 2-50Mbps for 4G devices in 4G areas (not full 4GX data speeds) and 3G speeds in other coverage areas. Speeds vary for reasons like local conditions, device and content. For 4G coverage and more info see


Boost Mobile UNLTD+ excludes some use such as: talk/ text/ MMS to international, satellite, premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers), operator assisted calls (most 12xx numbers), diverted calls, content charges and all use overseas (you will need to purchase an Add-on for this).

SIM Cards Available

Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano SIM cards are all available from Boost Mobile.

International Usage

For international calls and messages, you'll need a Boost Bolt-On as these are not included in your monthly recharge amount and you pay for actual use on these services at applicable rates. Boost Bolt-On packs are available at an additional cost and enable you to use your phone for international calls/text/MMS and other eligible international services.

Add on Pack Prices & Inclusions

A $15 Bolt-On is perfect for those times that you need just a bit more or if you need to make international calls to countries not included on your plan. Check the Boost Mobile website for rates and more details. Bolt-On is valid for 28 days and you must have an active UNLTD+™ prepaid plan to use your Bolt-On.

Key Points


  • 13 / 1300 numbers included in usage allowance
  • 1800 numbers included in usage allowance
  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • Voicemail included in usage allowance


  • Unlimited standard texts & MMS inlcuded

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront
Plan Boost Mobile $10 UNLTD+ Prepaid Plan $10.00
Minutes Unlimited National Calls (To standard national numbers + MessageBank® retrieval & 1300/1800 numbers) -
Data 1GB Data -
Messages Unlimited (Standard national SMS & MMS) -
Total $10.00

Data Packs

Description Cost Data Excess
500MB Data Add-On $10 per recharge 500MB $2 per MB
Boost Mobile $10 UNLTD+ Prepaid Plan

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