How to legally watch Mr. Robot season 3 in Australia

12 October 2017

How to watch Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot - everyone's favourite dystopian cyber-anarchist adventure - is back for its third season, kicking off tonight. While you could stick it to the man and pirate the show, here are a couple of easy and legal ways to keep up.

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now - Foxtel's revamped streaming service - is probably the easiest way to watch Mr. Robot in Australia. The packages including Mr. Robot - either Pop or Drama - are billed at $15 per month, and there's no lock in contracts. Since season three has ten episodes, you're looking at either $30 or $45 to watch it all, depending on whether or not you've already used a free trial.

Foxtel Now also includes live TV, so you'll be able to watch each episode express from the United States as it airs live at 8:30pm (AEDT) on Thursdays, and stream it shortly after.

Foxtel Now is available on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Google Chrome on Windows and Mac, Telstra TV, and Chromecast. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox One run the older Foxtel Play app, which can access the same content, but won't let you watch in high definition.

If you need to catch up or need a refresher, you'll also find the first two seasons of Mr. Robot available on demand on Foxtel Now.


If you're happy to part with a little more cash, you go all in and take out a proper Foxtel subscription. To watch Mr. Robot, you'll need to get the "drama combo" at a minimum, which is billed at $46 per month. If you sign up online before November 4, you're able to sign up for a no contract plan with your first month and iQ3 set-top box free. There is however a $100 standard install fee.

As with Foxtel Now, new episodes of Mr. Robot will air at 8:30pm (AEDT) on Thursdays. You'll find them on Showcase.


Individual episode of Mr. Robot are being added to the iTunes Store as they air. Each episode will set you back $3.49 in High Definition, or you can front up $29.99 for the entire season three.