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Average call length: 2 mins
SMS per month: None
Prepaid Expiry: Any
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Default call length = 2 minutes per call, open Advanced Options to refine.
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Apple iPhone 5 16GB
 186 mins
$65.00/mthMin. Total Cost $1,560

Cost Analysis

Bendigo Bank Telco - Inspire $20 4G Ready
Optus 4G Network in available areas

Total monthly cost includes your requirements:
  • Bendigo Bank Telco Inspire $20 4G Ready
  • 200MB data/mth (included)
  • +Apple iPhone 5 16GB ($45 per month)
  • =$65.00/mth
Bendigo Bank Telco
Voice calls$0.90 per minute
SMS$0.25 each
MMS$0.50 each
Video flagfall$0.35
Video calls$0.90 per minute

Tip: You can refine your usage estimates at the top of the page

* Comparison Calculations by WhistleOut
The estimated number of available minutes quoted on this page is calculated on a standard national call of 2 minutes for standard voice calls in Australia including flagfall. Estimates rely on your inputs as a user and can be calculated on the average call length you input in our advanced options. Please note, we do NOT take the following into account when estimating the available minutes:

- Calls on the same network, also called 'on-net' calls
- Calls to overseas numbers or calls made when you are overseas
- Voicemail deposits and retrievals
- Calls and text messages to special numbers e.g. 13 /15 / 1800 numbers