Yatango Mobile

100 Minute Plan

Yatango Mobile
SIM Only
SIM Only
Total Price:
$7 per month
100 Minutes
None included
Fine Print:
Depending on your usage, other fees and charges may apply, including early exit fees.
Min. total cost $7 for first month

Plan Details

Plan Inclusions

  • Build your own personalised plan & change at any time
  • 30 Day expiry
  • Prepaid or Monthly billing
  • Use included minutes for standard voice calls to national fixed line and any mobile numbers, 13/1800 numbers and voicemail within Australia
  • No flagfall on standard national calls
  • $20 Security Deposit - Yatango Mobile require a refundable $20 security deposit on your new account

Features & Benefits

Free Bonus Minutes to Yatango Friends

When you purchase a Yatango Voice Pack, you receive free bonus minutes to call your Yatango friends. The bonus minutes are equivalent to the value of the Voice Pack you purchased - buy a 100 Voice Pack, get 100 Bonus minutes to Yatango friends.

Pay As You Go credit

For any usage outside of your Packs, you can simply add credit and be charged at our great value standard rates: 5c/MB for Data, 9c/text & 11c/min for calls.

SMS Packs available

You can add an SMS Pack to your plan starting from $6/month for 100 SMS. Valid for standard national SMS & MMS within Australia.

4G Data Packs available

If you would like to utilise 4G data services on your mobile phone you may add a Yatango data pack to your plan. Yatango data packs start at $5 for 200MB and go up to 10GB.

International Voice Packs available

If you want to make calls overseas, Yatango has International Voice Packs starting at $5 for 50 minutes.

BYO Phone & No Contracts

Yatango’s 30 day contracts allow you to bring your own mobile phone and avoid being locked into a long term contract.

Earn Yatango Reward Credit

There are a range of activities that can earn you Yatango reward credit. Earn $20 Yatango credit for every friend or family member you bring to Yatango and 50c Yatango credit for every question you answer correctly in the community as rated by members.

Key Points


  • Able to BYO phone
  • 13 / 1300 numbers included in usage allowance
  • 1800 numbers included in usage allowance
  • Voicemail included in usage allowance
  • Bonus minutes to Yatango friends when you purchase a voice pack.


  • Data is rounded to the nearest KB

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly Total
(Over 24 Months)
Plan Yatango Mobile 100 Minute Plan - $7.00 $168.00
Value 100 Minutes - - -
Grand Total - $7.00 $168.00


Rates Cost
Flagfall $0.00 per call
Additional minutes $0.11 per minute
Text messages $0.09 each
Picture messages $0.50 each
Excess data $0.05 per MB

Message Packs

Description Cost SMS Excess
100 SMS Pack $6 per month 100 $0.09 each
200 SMS Pack $9 per month 200 $0.09 each
400 SMS Pack $11 per month 400 $0.09 each
600 SMS Pack $13 per month 600 $0.09 each
1,000 SMS Pack $17 per month 1000 $0.09 each
Yatango Mobile 100 Minute Plan

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