Live Connected Small Sliding Plan
Automatically adjusts to prevent excess usage charges

Live Connected
 Total Price
$50 per month
(+ Unlimited Talk to Live Connected customers)
Cost of a 2 minute standard national mobile call (incl. flagfall): $2.38
Cost of 1MB of data within Australia (excess usage): $0.30
Standard national SMS within Australia to another mobile
 Estimated Minutes
420 per month
WhistleOut estimate is based on average call length of 2 minutes, 0 SMS and 0 MMS per month*
24 months
 Fine Print
Depending on your usage, other fees and charges may apply, including early exit fees.
Min. Total Cost: $1,200
over 24 months
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Plan Details

Key Points


  •  13 / 1300 numbers included in usage allowance
  •  Video calls included in the included value (only available on phones that support video calls)
  •  Voicemail included in usage allowance
  •  1800 numbers included in usage allowance
  •  Free Calling to Other Numbers on this Network Unlimited Talk to Live Connected customers
New Sliding Plan

This plan is a new sliding plan from Live Connected which allows you to use more than your included value amount on this plan and be automatically moved to the next tier up for the month rather than incur excess usage charges. You'll simply be moved to the next plan tier and charged that amount for the month and moved back down at the start of the new month. For example if you are on this $50 plan and you use more data than is included in this plan, you'll be moved up to the $60 plan for the month and the bill for your plan will be $60 rather than paying for $50 and excess usage charges. 

Included Calls

The following calls and call types are included in your monthly value amount:

  • Unlimited standard national SMS
  • Standard voice calls within Australia (local, national & GSM mobile)
  • Standard national MMS 
  • Voicemail deposits & retrievals
  • Standard national video calls
  • Calls to 13/ 1300 & 1800 Numbers
Handset Delivery - Sydney Only

Currently this mobile plan is only available in Sydney. Outside of Sydney you can still take advantage of a Live Connected BYO handset plan.

Features & Benefits

Manage Your Account Online

Tailor your account to suit your needs or change your plan in My Services via Dashboard on Live Connected online. The usage meter allows you to keep track on your usage and view the individual breakdown for calls made on your monthly Live Connected plan.

Network Coverage

You can use the coverage checker on the Live Connected website when you buy online to check coverage at your home address. Also check coverage before you buy for your most frequented areas, like your workplace or friend's houses.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Number

If you are looking to switch to Live Connected from another network, you can keep your existing mobile phone number. Simply insert the Live Connected SIM into your unlocked mobile handset.

Data With Your Live Connected Plan

Data includes uploads and downloads and is charged per KB, not rounded to the nearest MB. Excess data usage is charged at a flat rate of $0.30 per MB once you exceed the data allowance included in your Live Connected Mobile plan. (Live Connected Data does not support BlackBerry).


Rates (for use within Australia) Cost
Standard flagfall $0.40 per call
Standard national voice call rate $0.99 per minute
Standard national text messages (SMS) $0.00 each
Standard national multimedia messages (MMS) $0.55 each
Standard video flagfall $0.40 per call
Standard national video call rate $0.99 per minute
Excess data rate $0.30 per MB

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly Total
(Over 24 months)
 Plan Small Sliding Plan - $50.00 $1,200.00
 Data 1GB (included) - - -
 Messages Unlimited Standard national SMS within Australia to another mobile (included) - - -
Grand Total $0.00 $50.00 $1,200.00

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